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Agriculture programs focus on animal nutrition, economics, and natural resource management in this diverse county.


The Montana Conservation Seedling Nursery is now accepting orders for trees and shrubs.  Visit their site, Montana Conservation Seedling Nursery, for more information.

Plant and Insect Identification

Montana State University Schutter Diagnostic Lab works in conjunction with local Extension Offices to provide identification of plants, plant diseases and insect identification. If you have a diseased plant, harmful insect or weed that you need assistance in identifying please contact us.  We have several pamphlets on area insects in our downloads file and MSU has numerous free, printable publications at their MSU Publication Store as well for homeowner reference.                                        

If you would like to bring in a sample for us to process please printout and fill in one of the following forms if at all possible.                                    

Plant ID Form                         Plant Disease Form

Insect ID Form                       Turf Disease Form

You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDFs.


Points to Ponder

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Hay Testing:   Hay quality can vary tremendously so each load or cutting should be tested.  Use a hay probe (can borrowed from our office) to collect samples from approximately 10% of the bales from each cutting.  At minumum, hay should be tested for content of TDN (total digestible nutrients) and CP (crude protein).  The appropriate tests can change depending on hay species, nitrate concerns, or if hay was baled too wet.  Visit with a nutritionist or call Lee for lab test recommentations.  Articles of interest:  Common Sense Feed Analysis and Nitrates in Feed and Water.

Invasive Winter Annuals:  Ventenata and Medusahead.  A Section18 emergency label approves EsplAnade┬« 200 SC for controlling Venenata and Medusahead on rangeland, pasture, and CRP in Montana.

Planning Ahead - Cattle and Pasture Management: 

- Create an utilization map for all grazed pastures.  Use the information that has been developed during previous seasons and use the map in planning for the next year. Rangeland Grazing and Monitoring  

- Use performance records in culing cows.  Simple Cow RecordsPerformance Records

- The two most important performance measurements are the pounds produced and the time it takes to produce those pounds. Shortening the Calving Season, Western Beef Cow Efficiency

 - Review goals for developing replacement heifers, feeding replacements, and marketing the remaining heifers.  Feedlot Selection



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