Northwest Youth Financial Education is a program that aims to improve financial knowledge and behavior among youth and young adults. Their mission is to deliver fun, interactive programs to help young adults make smart money decisions. 

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max learns about money

Help Max buy what he needs on his busy day! Find out about coins and do addition and subtraction.

Recommended for children ages 4-10. Download here.



Marlon Monkey  Marlon is a jungle monkey with an overwhelming desire to collect bananas. Through his journey in the jungle, Marlon meets characters that help him understand the consequences of borrowing, saving and building trust (credit) with others.

Recommended for children ages 7-10. Download here



Money Ninja WarriorFuture financial warriors seek to defeat the Dark Samurai. First, though, they must train to defend themselves with different weAPPons (weapon apps) to gain the rank of black belt.

 Recommended for children ages 14-18. Download here



Night of the Living Debt

Zombies have taken over the financial world and require regular payments if you and your credit are to stay in one piece. 

Recommended for high school Juniors & Seniors. Download here



Credit Score Millionaire

 Credit Score Millionaire lets you see the impact of credit choices on things you want to do. Game show breaks help you progress through the milestones of the first years on your own.

Recommended for youth ages 16+. Download here



In Tuitition

 Experience making college decisions and finding a way to pay for them. Play through the eyes of eight characters, each with different backgrounds and interests. Explore alternatives to student loans and find out the long-term impact of decisions.

Recommended for youth ages 16-18. Download here



Teens credit card program

Teens Credit Card allows you to develop a plan to get the most out of credit cards. This interactive game shows you how credit cards work and affect your finances.

Recommended for youth ages 14-18. Download here